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massive search. >> tv's, tablets, smartphones. do more screens mean less sleep? how technology may be affecting students. >> and covered california. just six weeks away from being lawmpled and going online, the concern tonight that has state officials scrambling to meet the deadline. ♪ [ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >>> new at 5:00, running out of time. in less than six weeks, the president's major health care overhaul will launch. california officials right now are scrambling to get ready. covered california is the state's online health insurance marketplace and it was scheduled to be ready on october 1st. >> our health and times editor john fowler tells us why the website launch could be delayed. >> reporter:
recommend pilot training focus on cockpit technology. the ntsb has not yet determined what caused the asiana or ups crash. >>> shut down the government. republicans have been campaigning in their home districts against obama care. back in washington 80 house republicans sent a letter to house speaker john boehner urging him not to push forward any spending bills that include funding for the health law. the fiscal year ends september 20th and new money must be approved by then. >>> this morning a ground breaking ceremony will be held in richmond for an under pass project named after a police officer. 29-year-old richmond police officer brad moody died on a rainy night back in 2008 when he lost control of his patrol car while responding to a call. several people who received donated organs for moody will attend this morning's ceremony. >>> oakland police say their latest crack down on local gangs is just the beginning. investigators served ten warrants yesterday as part of operation cease fire. police say the suspect are part of a gang that committed a crime a day. many of which involved -- >>
recommend that pilot training should focus more on monitoring very complex cockpit technology. the ntsb hasn't determined the cause of either the asiana or the ups crash. >>> emergency dispatchers in santa clara county threatening to go on strike to protest mandatory overtime. the dispatchers say they are forced to work hundreds of hours of overtime a month. now there are 61 kiss patchers to --61 dispatchers to cover 73 full-time jobs. they are trying to hire more dispatchers but qualified candidates are hard to find. in the meantime county officials say they will seek a court injunction. >>> an environment group has a new proposal to keep them arrive. one proposal is to do the work outside nesting season. another is to create artificial nesting structures. the $130 million project is expected to if -- >>> tonight's fogging will take place at 11:00 p.m. in the area around the san jose municipal golf course. so far they have one case of west nile virus. there are 14 cases staid wide. two that were deadly. >>> i don't though if you saw last night's giants game but there was a really scary mome
surgery using google's ground breaking technology. >> all right. the fascia. >> the head mounted computer and camera allows point of view video to be transmitted to audiences miles away. the doctor performed acl surgery using the device, ape howing a colleague to look in on the surgery from his office and medical students to observe from another location. ghoul glass also features a small computer screen above the right eye. it allows doctors to imis that notly access patient information with a simple voice command. >>> bay area area feelening about the way we expect it to this time in the summer season. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. finally got that summer weather we have been waiting for. >> reporter: yeah. it's cool along the coast. clearing out at the beach little bit of clearing out by the cliff house. fog working its way back in. this is the time of year, the weekend when the temperatures dropped a bit, feels a little bit like fall. we will see. right now we're still in a summer pattern. that puts your fog in daily city. fog down by pacifica, obviously. out in the
technology. they have been using smart phones, ipads and gps devices to monitor the flames and monitor the weather and help coordinate the fire fighting effort. stay with ktvu news all morning among for complete coverage. ktvu's robert handa will have a live report from the fire lines at 7:30. >>> time is 7:16. there's a nationwide movement now to ban saggy pants. the chronicle reports st. lewis, and sub burdens outside of detroit and new orleans and even parts of georgia, some of the areas considering banning saggy pants. supporters of the bill call the style vulgar and disrespectful and others call it a fashion statement and a teenage trend. the aclu says any law that bans saggy pants pants is unconstitutional. >>> a bill allowing noncitizens to serve on a jury if they're in this country legally is headed to governor browns desk. freemont assemblyman, bob rikowski wrote the bill and said it would widen the poll of propertyive jurors. and -- prospective jurors. >>> 7:17. sal is very proficient in traffic. he's telling us about a bad situation in oakland. >>> it's better now. as a matt
're hopeful that the technology could be installed across the country. >> there are signs that congress is taking school safety very seriously and is willing to commit resources to help school districts and universities implement emergency response plans. >> the proposed legislation would create a competitive $30 million grant program to help fund school safety technology. local governments would match federal resources. the panic button bill is currently in a house subcommittee, supported by national law enforcement and education associations. >>> we're learning more tonight about a government spy association that targeted e- mails sent by thousands of americans. the nation's top intelligence officials declassified the decisions. they found that the national security agency mistakenly collected the e-mails. one judge criticized the nsa for collecting more data than was legally allowed and for waiting to acknowledge its mistake. >>> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is leading a big effort to get more of the world's seven billion people online. members include facebook, samsung and qualc
as the midpoint technology park. the eight buildings there would be torn down and 13 new ones will be built in their place. the new campus will be used for research, offices, and medical clinics. >>> the agency in charge of community college accreditation is under the microscope. state lawmakers ordered an audit of the commission that decided to revoke city college of san francisco certification. some say the accreditation commission which is not part of the government has no standards of acredibility. >>> hundreds of trees in san francisco's forest will soon be chopped down because of a growing fire danger. uc san francisco owns the land. on monday the university will remove 1200 small trees. the san francisco fire department recently warned the university to clear 100 feet of space around buildings near the open space reserve. removing the trees will help to protect homes along the reserve as well as the ucsf medical center. >>> it's being called a national day of action. if the reason workers and customers are being asked to stay away from fast food restaurants. >> i didn't want our hous
on how to properly monitor cockpit technology. the ntsb still has not determined the cause of either crash. emergency dispatchers in santa clara county are threatening to go on strike to protest mandatory overtime. the dispatcher say they are forced to work hundreds of hours of overtime a month because of understaffing. right now there are 61 dispatchers to cover 73 full time positions. county officials say they are trying to hire more dispatchers but in the meantime will seek a court injunction against a strike by dispatchers. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the labor day weekend bay bridge shut down. we are now 5 days away from the next wednesday night's closure. brian flores joining us live from treasure island to explain why drivers will see changes starting tonight. >> yeah, the countdown on mike and begins tonight with lane closures at the toll plaza all meant to help in that transition. transportation officials say the right three lanes at the toll plaza, 16 through 18 will be closed tonight at 9:00 p.m. and re-open in monday morning, this is so crews add another lane to
overbilled. most of them were customers at the safeway gas station. >>> all of that technology may be affecting their sleep. cara liu talked to an an expert about the science of too much screen time. >> reporter: for alexa, as the mother of a seventh grader, it meant new rules. >> she changed them so i can use the phone until like 7:00, and i get to chill. they know like try to fall asleep as early as i can. >> yeah, calm down to sleep. >> reporter: dr. nancy rin runs a sleep program. >> we find that that kids that are using technology more are getting less sleep. they're constantly plugged in. they want to always know what's going on and they have the need to let everyone else know what's going on. >> reporter: poor sleep leads to poor learning, especially math. >> school aged kids need at least 10 hours of sleep, and teens need at least eight. she recommends shutting down devices at least an hour before bedtime. cara liu. >>> new at 10:00, the possible future stars of warriors tv commercials. >> fans put on their best move for a casting call for we are warrior nation. people c
upgraded the technology it uses to monitor bay area traffic using realtime traffic. there is a special section on the website where you can find out about alternative routes and also call 511 for information. we have also put together a special section under hot topics. >>> now to san francisco and many questions as police search for suspects and victims in a shooting on a party bus. we are getting new information from eric rase make son, eric. >> police and witnesses say that people on that bus were fleeing. i mean, running from here, even as officers were arriving. it happened right here on full some street. take a look at this. you can see where some of the bullets took chunks out of this wall. we can tell you the shots woke up some neighbors that were sleeping. >> party buses, a common sight in san francisco but one came to a sudden end. >> i heard gunshots. >> i heard 2 like that. >> other neighbors say they heard more shots than that. theresa came to her gate. >> i saw a party bus over there. it was a big bus. it was a charter bus. >> left behind a small trail of blood, a
. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at >>> the costs for a proposed basketball court on the waterfront have been soaring. they've ballooned to $170 million. that was the cost between port leaders, and engineers led by the warriors. >> every penny over $120 million is a direct subsidy by the warriors. >> the team and the city are still hoping to tip off the 2017 season in a brand new arena, but a deal has not yet been approved, and the arena is a long way of being approve. >>> joe is in for mark tonight, and the 49ers already making cuts. >> it's the time of year when the harsh reality of an nfl dream is dashed for a number of players. 49ers made five cuts today. the most significant cut was quarterback, scott tollsene. he played in the niners first two games. but was not used when colt mccoy seemed to establish himself as the backup. the 49ers have to cut 10 more players
. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at . >>> mark is here now with sports. what got into the oakland a's? >> they got a lot of good hitters. they have been in a slump for a month. it had to happen. they have broken out in a big way. starting the 8th 8th. 15 hits. an rbi double. next man to the plate. they need this guy to start swinging and that he does on this organization. rbi single. top of the 8th. a's looking to beat the tiges for the third game in a row -- tigers for the third game in a row. 10-1 oakland. . >> another super start hits the campus of university of california at berkeley. welcome missy franklin. the four time olympic gold medalist in swimming. she is not just another freshman. she will live in the dorm. cheery. she grew up in colorado but she came to berkeley for the atmosphere. >> favorite things about berkeley, unique e
technology to hit the surf world. >> those boards that they're riding have their own built-in engine. >> see how these electric boards ride, next. >>> look at them. >> this is an island. we're going to see a super pod of orca. it is very rare but it does happen where you get three pods, that's right, three pods of orcas all at the same time passing through. >> what classifys a pod? >> they say they were three pods and they estimate there were 60 orcas in all. 20 to a pod. they are showing off. the people, a little bit excited about it. what happens when it's time to move in their own direction? do they get confused, like, which one is my pod? wait, where do i belong? >> of course, some of them are showing off. flapping their fins. the water is boiling with all if activity. that's really neat. every time you said super pod i just started thinking like super pod. >>> pug's reaction to revving. >>> i know you've been wondering what's the next water sport to come down the road. the jet surfer. these guys look like they're on surf boards or wakeboards but you will notice there's nothing pulling t
booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at %f0 >>> a war of words is raging between san jose city hall and the police officers patrolling the streets. it all boils down to money. the police officer's union says city hall is using underhanded tactics. >> reporter: the relationship between city hall and the police officers union is clearly falling apart. here at city hall, there has been an exchange of harsh messages. hundreds of police officers have sent complaints to san jose city hall over the latest episode in the bitter ongoing struggle over pension reform and benefits. >> city hall just doesn't understand the crisis looming here. >> reporter: after the police union -- in a letter, the city said the pay recognize now has no strings attached. but instead of going through the poa, the city mailed the details directly to officers' homes. >> the fact that
of those orders came from the united states. the facebook is the latest technology company to release information about its customers. microsoft and google have done the same. >>> george zimmerman's lawyer wants the state of florida to pay $300,000 of his legal fees. he reportedly said that last night. since zimmerman is acquitted state law requires florida to pay for his legal costs. he was acquitted of all charges including second-degree murder of the shooting death aftertrayvon martin last year. >>> miss want your help to find a bank robbery suspect with bad hair. it happened in chase bank in palo alto after the suspect handed a teller a note. the suspect was 5-foot 11 waist 160-pound and has waist long brown frizzy hair. they don't know if it was a man or a woman. he was wearing black to, khaki pants and a black baseball cap. >>> they are hoping a surveillance video will help a dramatic smash and grab robbery at tiffany's. six people were gathering in the lot and two men were seen taking license plates off what police believe was the get away car. police are looking for throw sepa
girls with careers in science, technology, engineering and math. it served 4,000 girls with after school and summer programs. >>> head start is a program for preschoolers but it is a casualty in the budget battle. ktvu's rob roth visited a school today and showed us what the cuts are doing to parent, teachers and students. >> we have to listen to our -- and? >> reporter: for these preschoolers in the head start program it is story time but the story of head start is a sad one. the sequester meant budget cuts across -- budget cuts across the country. this mother's daughter is one of the casualties. the program that had a teacher come to her home has now been eliminating. >> her learning skills went from low to really high. her first language is spanish and in a matter of weeks she started picking up on english words. >> reporter: head start cut $1.1 million do to the sequester. cuts triggered when they failed to reach a budget agreement. >> devastated. feel devastated. >> the director says it meant layoffs and the program had to shorten the school year by 9 weeks and these are under priv
during the bridge closure. upgraded the technology it uses using realtime radar and fast track making this site many reliability. >> our web team has also put together a special section to help you get around while the bridge is closed. you can find it under hot topics. >>> one new way to get around is a new bike share program. these bike racks near san francisco and part of the bay area bike share program. an $88 annual membership will let riders take an unlimited number of trips. the plan calls for an evidential 500 bikes. >>> rudolph chalk and chairman j. paul nuselayer used an experimental procedure on brain surgeries. they used bowel bacteria. the idea was to spark the immune system. bethe two use they did not believe they could get a fair trial. >>> and she lived about three miles from there but never showed up at home. authorities say they do not suspect foul play. >>> police in southern california shot and killed a man suspected of shooting his mother to death before fleeing on a tractor and firing several shots at people on the street. investigators in steamy valley s
ups on other bridges. ktvu's cara liu is live where she learned about new technology to help drivers get around the traffic jams. >> reporter: some of that data that will be provideicide supposed to provide -- providing new data. they used information from roadway centers, fast track and radar to provide information on drive times, areas of congestion and accidents. last month mtc began using a new company that will provide a new data stream, a spokesperson says it will make the system more robust and the data will come from fleet vehicles, gps systems and cell phones. >> more data points that are feeding into the system. so the information that is available on 511 is expected to be fresher and more accurate. >> reporter: mtc says you can check online or call 511 and you can specify an area or ask for drive times on 511. if you don't have one they suggest getting a fast track, that will make getting around much more smooth for folks coming up labor day weekend. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> bay bridge construction crews today worked on the new bicycle and pedestrian path.
crowd sources technology to deliver traffic information. we get that information from cars, fleet vehicles like ups drivers and taxi cabs and from mobile phones. >> reporter: inrix is predicting the most congestion on thursday and friday afternoon. >> it's going to be tough like monday morning commute. >> reporter: heavy traffic is also expected in marin county between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. saturday. many drivers say they will try to avoid the congestion as much as possible. >> for the five days it shut down since i will either be going 92 and go over that bridge which i imagine will be about yeah probably three times as busy as normal. >> reporter: ntc adds if you don't already have one getting ntrax should be easy to help you get around over labor day weekend. cara liu, ktvu news. >>> pedestrians and bicyclists can also use the bay bridge when it opens. for the time being it will only go part way on the span. it is expected at least a year for that bike path to go from oakland to yerba buena. >>> and at you will find an extensive section on the bridge and the routs
on monitoring cockpit technology. ntsb has not yet determined what caused the asiana or ups crash. >>> police need your help tracking down a man that attacked a woman. janine de la vega joining us live from santa clara this morning. that warning has been sent out to people connected with the campus, janine. >> reporter: yes, 9:has. summer school is about to end here. there are still students here roaming around. campus police did put out an alert letting the students and staff know about a woman who was sexually assaulted on the edge of campus temperature the sexual predator is described as a white man and he is six feet to six feet two inches tall. 200 pounds with an athletic build. he has light brown hazel eyes and dirty blond hair with a foe hawk. he was clean shaven and has a narrow pointed nose. on wednesday night shortly after midnight a woman was walking on franklin street when the suspect approached her sexually assaulted her, and then ran away. police are not releasing whether or not the victim was a student. this is the latest in a number of attacks on women in the past month and a
start in 2016. >> some doctors saying technology could affect children's sleeping habits. more and more children have access to smart phones, tablets and tvs. doctors say that most of the children using the technologies are getting less than the recommended hours of sleep. study shows poor sleep is connected to poor academic performance. him he are constantly plugged in. they want to know what's going on and they have this need to let everybody else know what's going on. >> what stage of sleep. >> they say school age children need ten hours of sleep and teens need eight. they recommend parents shut down the devices at least one hour before bed. >> a popular pub in the county is using social media as it's new bouncer. the owner of finnegan's is using facebook to screen his patrons. the only way to get in after nine is to be a facebook friend of the pub. the owner said it's a way to avoid problems. patrons say they couldn't be happier with the new process. >> for the most part there is not a lot of trouble here because people know they can be identified. >> the atmosphere has been go
with stanford and other major universities on the technology for those self- driving cars. >>> time is 6:22. flames from the rim fire moving closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir. how big is the fire this morning? how air quality is effected. and is your drinking water still okay? >>> it is the terrible that everyone is talking about. >>> welcome back. time now 6:25. specially trained dogs are being used at sfo to sniff out a california threat. beagles at the airport have been trained to find citrus fruit even leaves that travelers might have in their luggage. california is trying to keep out a dangerous pest. it originated in asia. it spreads a disease that kills citrus trees. >> we have a very large fresh market citrus industry here. and our industry just can't abide this disease. killing the citrus and trees. >> travelers are being asked not to brick in any citrus from overseas. so far only one disease tree has been found in california. and that was last year. >>> torquing is now making its way into the oxford english dictionary. the latest dance craze made headlines after miley cyrus
for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at find your career success in the bay area. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. >>> good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. the bay bridge toll plaza right now is closed. the bridge is closed. all the construction work, you can see clearly a lot going on but no bay bridge this morning. mcarthur maze. sal has all of that. it's thursday, august 29. welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time 5:30. it will be interesting to see how the day progresses with the closure. first we'll start with mark in for steve. what is the weather like, mark? >> you might encounter some dense fog, especially at the golden gate bridge. one of the few spots reporting clear sciez toward fairfield and livermo
lawsuits trying to stop the program. monitoring pollution on freeways. more on the new technology making it easier to check pollution levels on roadways. >>> a shooting in this union city neighborhood leaves two men dead. neighbors say this crime is so troubling. neighborhood blocked off for house this morning as police try to find who was responsible for an attack that left two people dead. welcome back to mornings on 2. the first and second homicides of the year in union city. investigators spent nearly 8 hours looking for clues and left the scene. detectives are working to track down the shooter who killed two young men this morning. one neighbor heard four gun shots and heard sirens as police raced to the scene. this was around 1:00 in the morning. the double shooting happened near 11th and d-streets. the men were found in the middle of the street, both with gunshot wounds, the coroner removed the body of one of the victim whose died at the scene and the second victim was taken to the hospital by paramedics but didn't survive. each victim with one gunshot wound according the police.
on the technology for autonomous cars. the company says it will have more than one self-driving car available for sale by the year 2020. nissan is the first automaker to make this promise, adding they are aiming for realistic prices for consumers. >>> such a bizarre concept. >> 7:48 is the time. i would just like to snooze a bit while my car takes me to work. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> yes. >> wouldn't that be nice? a little shut-eye. that may come one day. but not right now. the traffic is moving along slowly in san jose. this is northbound 280, live drive time traffic. the camera shows slow traffic. if we move to the maps, i want to show you that the road sensors are picking it up as well as you can see right through here. it stays that way all the way up to cupertino. it's kind of a long one as you drive through. 101 is also slow as well and so is 85 at the bottom of the valley. it is kind of a tough commute for the south bay this morning as you drive through. let's move along and take a look at the peninsula. highway 101, southbound out of belmont, redwood city is slow and it's slow aga
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)